We are committed to using the latest in digital and fabrication technology to make ideas a reality.


3D Printing

This additive manufacturing process creates a three-dimensional physical object from a digital design by adding material layer by layer. This technology is perfect for designers, engineers, students and hobbyists. 

CNC  Milling

This form of 3D "carver" is used in the manufacturing industry to make precise parts from heavy or dense materials. Most common materials that are milled are wood, acryclics, dense plastics and metal. It is capable of producing larger items or many smaller items at a time.

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This technology is as the name implies: utilizing a high-powered laser to precisely cut pieces in profile. This application is the most precise way to cut pieces of various materials such as cardboard, wood, acrylic and plastics.

If you would like us to 3D print, cut or generally fabricate something for you, please contact us for a quote.

We are also an authorized retailer of 3D printers. Please reach out to us directly if you are interested in purchasing a machine.